USB Buddha laughs as your system crashes

A wacky idea by a nerd who had lots of time in his hand. He/she took a bronze statue of laughing Buddha and incorporated in it a chip and a USB port. What does it do? It laughs at your misery. How? When your window crashes the Buddha will laugh. Windows known for its crashing abilities means lots of laughs by this fat Buddha. Well, this thing never hit the selves of the market but it can be a good do it yourself project. Anybody interested. Via: Therawfeed

Helmet that will help you to smile

Want to smile when you cant here’s the remedy. Here a helmet that will make you smile as someone approaches you. Pretty weird! It has a sensor fitted on the top that detect anybody within a 2 meter range at which point the mouth is pulled into a broadest grin ever by a small servo motor and some concealed fishing wire. Check out the video here. If you do not want to smile just keep away from the 2 meter range The helmet is a must have thing for all those persons who are in service business like such as air-stewards, receptionists and politicians. The helmet addresses the facades of social interaction and explores our responses to affected expressions. It is modeled by Brendan Walker. Via: Ubergizmo

Sense your mobile calls with Egg Clock Mobile Phone Sensor

Eggs may be the best meal of your breakfast, there is a gadget that will encourage adding lots of eggs to your banquet. The Egg formed digital clock is not only a time piece but detects incoming mobile phone call signals, in a radius of 2 meters, through the aerial on the top of its head. Now you may put your mobile on silent mode and watch the Egg shaped table piece jumping up and down to indicate your mobile phone calls. You can own the cool piece for $18.94. Via: techtickerblog

Day Clock: A clock that does not shows time

You must be shocked? But it’s true this is a clock which counts days of the weak instead of hours. And has proved to be very use full for people like me, who are particular about the hours, minutes and seconds but often mess up with days due to very busy schedule. More over it feels much better when u see the days of the week passing in this clock and it makes you aware of approaching weekend. I think I can spend $40 for this product have the pleasant feeling of my approaching weekend. What about you? Via: shinyshiny

Weird gizmo: Clever Scarecrow throws water on intruding animals

Necessity is the mother of invention so when the residents of London started complaining about the number of foxes in their areas destroying gardens an intelligent scarecrow was invented. Canadian manufacturer Contech Electronics has developed this motion-activated sprinkler for the garden industry. However, how did London get infested by foxes well it is an old story population (human) grew and the habitat of these foxes decreased so they adapted the life of city. It is estimated that about 10,000 foxes have habitat in and around London. Frustrated by the persistent problems the citizens were turning to firearm equipped pest-control services for help but this scarecrow can solve the problem for them. It has also been find effective in dealing with cats, possums, raccoons, deer and heron. This scarecrow can detect the animals approach and then deters it with the help of harmless water spray. Bryant explains that this type of harmless, automatic deterrent can play an important role in ‘persuading’ foxes to avoid potential trouble spots. Then we all know that deterrence is an affordable, effective and humane solution, which will keep the animal activists happy also. Via: Gizmag

Xcuse Box: Relief from unwanted phone calls

In the run to make money no one has time to devote for wrong numbers and those sticky people who can chat for hours for nothing. Same is the situation with me when I find number of such people flashing on my mobile phone screen, leaving me with no other alternative but to talk. The Xcuse Box is the solution for all these problems and a big relief under such condition. It lets you control such situations with pre-recorded tracks up to 10 minutes. Also, as per gadget India news. The box operation success depends upon speaker voice adjustment.  Hyundai EON Car

Zoltar the Fortune Teller: Go Bizarre!

Want to know your fortune? Go for Zoltar the Fortune Teller. This talking fortuneteller machine is a great way to add novelty to your event in a fun decorative way!this novelty can provide your guests with a variety of fortunes. The machine acknowledges you and invites you to come closer then it will give you of 16 generic spoken fortunes and then one of 23 printed fortunes in the form of a paper card (2,000 are included) only after you feed this machine with a quarter. Though the product is attractive but its very costly. Price: $8,000 with extra shipping charges. Via: coolest-gadgets

Weird Calculator to calculate your odds of wining a hand in card games

This weird calculator will not do simple mathematical calculations for you but is a way to find out odds of you dealing a winning hand. All you have to do is just feed in number of players and the cards you have got and the cards on the table. It will provide you with the real time stats of as well as recommendations so that you make the most of each hand. Casinos will not let this thing inside their place but it can be a good companion for the online game as per Android Tricks. The calculator comes for $16.98. Via: Ohgizmo

Tiny tots rocking sorts

Usually what we see at any car show, owners have a crazy habit of making statements about their cars that are literally inaccurate. That’s a tendency of human being! But after getting any one of these small creations you need no articulation not at all. I’ve got this image gallery of these cute small carz on while finding some crazy images. I have no words about their manufacturer as well as price, if any one of you get it, please throw in!!!! I think thses are smallest cars developed ever(If I am not wrong). I’d like to have my hands on one of them….. .Indian telecom news

Aria presents Virtual Boyfriend for digi-date

What would you say about the Virtual Boyfriend from Aria that allows you choose a partner from an inventory of eight different blokes? All you have to do is start scoring brownie points by supporting your special LCD partner and continue gamey obsessions with them. Existence of your relationship will lasts on your score and performance, so give your best. Above all, if you think that your partner is not responding up to the mark, straight away go on and get dumped by insulting and offering nonsense gifts. Need not to worry, the game isn’t over yet, press reset to pick and continue with new partner. Online Security