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Helmet that will help you to smile

Want to smile when you cant here’s the remedy. Here a helmet that will make you smile as someone approaches you. Pretty weird! It has a sensor fitted on the top that detect anybody within a 2 meter range at which point the mouth is pulled into a broadest grin ever by a small servo motor and some concealed fishing wire. Check out the video here. If you do not want to smile just keep away from the 2 meter range The helmet is a must have thing for all those persons who are in service business like such as air-stewards, receptionists and politicians. The helmet addresses the facades of social interaction and explores our responses to affected expressions. It is modeled by Brendan Walker. Via: Ubergizmo

Side ways bike: Guess where it’s headed

A weird Bicycle that can be steered both from front and rear and you sit on it sideways. The bicycles have been in the production for the past many decades and they haven’t evolved in terms of design and shape radically but Michael Killian has other big ideas. He is the owner and the inventor of a sideways bike. He recently patented his bike. For balancing you use your back and front balance not the sideways balancing that you use in conventional bicycle. The bike has front and rear steering system which makes it more maneuverable than the conventional single steer bicycles. Killian is bidding for the UKP 100,000 cash award in the on going competition of Sky One’s hit popular show The Big Idea TV show next Saturday and has managed to reach last 36 contestants. He will be allowed 3 minutes of pitching time to impress 3 judges which include Ruth Badger, a finalist of The Apprentice, Lord Karan Bilimoria of Cobra beers and Craig Johnston who invented the Predator Football Boots. For more visit link. Via: Gizmag

A new gadget for personal commuting ‘Jegway’

What’s better than a personal commuter Segway its Jegway. Whether it is better than a Segway you decide. Start it and you can jog to your office. The tiny little feet’s will help you commute but it looks funny when you will see the video. No info on mileage and horse power front. Just joking! Who manufactured it? Is it aimed for mass production? Frankly I do not know but what you can do is watch the video and have a heartily laugh to de-stress. Via: techd

Oidz magnets, weird but true!

Are you bored out of your mind while waiting for your doc? Don’t have anything to do or fiddle with? Well, here’s something that you might be interested in. Made by Prezzy Box, the Oidz magnets are very fascinating indeed. The cool little buggers are actually very powerful magnets that attract the user. According to the company website, even words can’t describe the sheer joy that the user gets out of these magnets. Still wondering what’s so special about them? Well, try throwing them up in the air. You will see them coming down to earth and in the process of doing so, they will give out a weird but interesting sound. These guys look very much like meteors. Anyway, going back to fiddling, you will find these things handy if you have a habit of fiddling with things during a phone conversation. The magnets are made out of hematite. Equipped with strong magnetic materials, I am positive that these things will perform some unique stunts. Measuring just 6×2-cm, these cute toys are available at the Prezzybox site for only 8.95 pounds. So what are you still waiting for? Get yourself one today. Image Credit: Bridghtminds

Grenade Mouse: Unexploded explosive makes for an e-world pointer

Manipulated gizmos, transformed hardwares and weird instances of creativity allows computer interaction take place in various forms, shapes, sizes and colors. This lucky grenade, initially meant to blow humans into pieces, has made a long journey off the battlefield to the PC desk where, at last, it’s being used for a better cause! This actually isn’t a complete grenade but a cross-section of its outer shell. The explosive chemical stuff has been removed to create a cavity that occupies regular mouse. The corners have been trimmed to gesture clicks. Well, if you’re the one who enjoys commando adventure this could be a right piece for you. Grenade Mouse would send chills running down the spines of the first time visitors to your computer room. Most probably your girlfriend(s), right? Source: slashgear