Verizon Fios: The New Born Telecom Giant

Verizon Fios is a name which is on constant rise in the telecommunication market and is all set to give a tough competition to the likes of Comcast Communications, Charter Communications and others.
If Verizon Fios is compared to the top cable companies, Verizon provides low priced internet facility at $14.99 per month. Now, that’s dearth cheap! The net service provided by Verizon is named as High Speed Internet Service (HIS).

Verizon is also noticed for providing sharp and crystal clear picture quality with its cable TV providing feature. The name of Verizon’s cable TV service is DIRECTV service which gives you access to nearly 170 HD channels. Here, the user will also be provided with superior technologies like Direct Video Recording (DVR). If you happen to be a movie buff then DIRECTV will provide you access to most desirable list of 1000 + HD video titles to choose from. You are seriously spoilt for choices.

Last but not the least; telephony happens to be another service which is proffered by the telecom giant. The voice data transferring capabilities discharged by Verizon has created its own space in the common users’ household. With 99.9% network reliability, Verizon is experiencing a share market value which is ratcheting up at a constant pace. With Verizon, you can enjoy unlimited local and regional calling and unlimited calling to selected places like – U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. Apart from this, you would be getting several other auxiliary benefits, like- Universal Caller ID, 3-way call waiting, call barring, call-forwarding etc. once you install Verizon phones at your place.
To conclude, we would say that Verizon is yet to entrench its roots deep into the bedrock of the telecom sector ocean. It is a tough task but seeing the pace at which Verizon is moving, the future looks bright and sunny.

Media Executives Chase the Digerati

With the success of the critically acclaimed film The Social Network, Hollywood executives have turned to Silicon Valley for inspiration for their new films. While both Columbia Pictures and Relativity Media, the production company owned by Ryan Kavanaugh, saw box office results from The Social Network, most production companies stayed away due to fear that the lack of excitement within the computer world would lead to a film without an audience.

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Comcast Deals

Comcast enjoys a definite brand name in the tangent of telecommunications in the United States. It is placed in direct competition with Cox Communication, Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications. Comcast offers three ranges of services which include- Internet, telephony and cable TV. Comcast has merged all its services (Cable TV, Telephony and Internet) into a single cluster and named it as XFINITY.

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Live blackjack: real dealers, real cards, online

Whenever the punters come to an online gambling game which is running live from a casino, then, from the very beginning they are been palled by the doubt of being tricked by the casino authorities. A thick layer of doubtfulness shrouds the mind of the punters from the very beginning of the game.

Several gambling games like, blackjack, baccarat and roulette are been played online with real money. So, in order to attract more gamblers for online purpose, the live dealers for casinos were brought to existence. The live casino dealers are present for the game of blackjack. In live casino blackjack, you would find the presence of several online casino dealers who will make the process of cyber gambling more transparent.

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Weird Decision Maker to choke your brain

We do not know what is the logic and principle this Decision Maker follows to make you get the right decision. But it can be a fun gift, and if you look at the available decisions units, it seems yet another navigator to let the destiny play its role and replacing the tossing coin game altogether. However, it is being publicized for those who have many things to deal with such as VIPs and leaders of communities. And it helps through these decision units: maybe, reorganize, no, tomorrow, sit on it, yes, today and pass the buck. With 75% off, it is available for $6 at Chiasso. Via: gadgetizer

Instablogs expands its gaming channel with Portagames Blog

Welcome open-heartedly our new launch that is an attempt to wrap-up the huge gaming world into the small blog with latest launches in the portable gaming industry. The blog comes with information regarding new console launched in the market, updations in the equipments and other hot stories that will never let go outdated. Your precious ideas are invited in to serve you the best.

Geek-a-Cycle for fitness freak geeks!

Do not think that it will ride you somewhere. However, it does adds a bit of action in your monotonous sitting posture. Geek-a-Cycle offers an opportunity to have some exercise as you pedal miles on it without even thinking about it. A light exercise at your computer improves blood flow and increases oxygen level in all the parts of your body. It stimulate your cardio-vascular mussels and increased heart rate strengthens your heart, thus inhibits blood clot development. I want something similar for cellphones also  Available for $350 like ipad 3.

Onion Goggles to guard you against grating onion vapors

Definitely, technology has answers to almost everything, and this time it melts the nauseating onion vapors which you face each day. Here comes the Onion Goggles, constructed with comfy foam seal, it fits well on eyes and keeps off onion vapors or onion-related parts from getting up into your eyeballs. White colored goggles comes with a storage case for $19.95. Via: gizmodo

Wacky DVD Rewinder

The DVD rewinder is here to drive you crazy and do experiments with music as you wish with its exclusive Centripetal Velocity Spindle. The tracker spins discs backwards and plays a sound "rewind" with the option of your voice sounding "rewind". The DVD Rewinder can rewind all types of disc CDs, DVDs, and even Console Games. It also has an additional MP3 port and a built in slot for disc cleaner. However, it’s use is up to you. The novelty costs $16.49. Via: blogofwishes